Free Workshops - Networking & Marketing

  • 17 Feb 2015
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • University of Phoenix – 10235 South Jordan Gateway, Room 205


  • Register for both workshops, Effective Networking and Lifecycle Marketing.
  • Jennifer Armitstead Anderson - Effective Networking
  • Darin Adams - Lifecycle Marketing: Attract, Sell, Wow!

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Free Workshops


with Jennifer Armitstead Anderson and Darin Adams


Effective Networking  Tuesday February 17 (11 am -12 pm)

Effective networking is more than just showing up to an event with a smile and hoping you'll meet someone cool. Come learn 5 keys to effectively network and build a stronger community. Additionally, Career Coach Jen will lead us through a fun speed networking drill, so bring a big stack of your business cards and know your introduction statement... Get ready to meet some new people in a fun and engaging way!

Jennifer Armitstead Anderson has over 16 years as a career strategist. She is best known for helping people take their career to the next level by determining and leveraging their personal brand and teaching them how to effectively network in-person and online and develop strong career strategies. With training in career management, leadership, communication, time management and more, Jennifer consults with companies to build better careers for managers and staff which ultimately leads to stronger teams. Jennifer can be found online on Twitter (@CareerCoachJen) and her website:

Lifecycle Marketing: Attract, Sell, Wow! Tuesday February 17 (12 pm -1 pm)

Learn the three major steps to grow your business. Through the process of "Attract, Sell, Wow" your business can literally increase 10x in the various aspects of growth. And you can do it without increasing your workload. One of the hottest breakthroughs is business automation where you can set and forget the most important parts of your business. Grow your data base with a smart phone, perfect your follow-up without crafting any new emails, collect referrals and recommendations without asking for them, earn money from other people's businesses, create drip campaigns that will get you sales long after you normally give up, and impress your clients with your thoughtfulness when you didn't do anything.

Darin Adams has been working with small businesses for 30 years through his career as a TV broadcaster, and uses that experience to help entrepreneurs and business owners learn how to grow their businesses effectively. Learn what automation can do for you and how you can "Attract, Sell, Wow" without having to manually run your business.

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